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Do you adore music and love to record audio? If certainly. Then you had listened about online mixing and mastering also. If not, then read this blog to know everything about song mixing as well as audio mastering.

For giving the final touch to music, everybody prefers mixing and mastering. 

In the upcoming segments, this blog will tell about online mixing and mastering and after that reveal the difference between both of them. 

Let's Start!!

Song Mixing

Basically, audio mixing refers to the procedure of fixing multiple sounds with a single or multi channels. In this process, things like, the level, or source volume and scenic possie are utilized or increased. 

All the major elements of song mixing are listed below. 


The volume range relation between musical cues is known as balance. This is how a stereotypical audio engineer or producer looks like. 

Increasing & decreasing the volume is the first step in this process. The importance of balancing a mix can not be overstated. 

This means that all looks to be at the same level. Balancing is the thing on which beginners waste too much time, or they skip it. 


Adding atmosphere to the musical component. Delay, reverb and treatments are applied here. Making a mix wetter is a term used in musical companies to explain it. 

A dry mix is a recording which has not added any other effects. Adding dimensions to the room where you are listening to the music might make it feel some changes in the room, it might be in size as well. 


Making the blend unique is something that you are interested in. It can be considered that song mixing is done to add emotions and make it easier to understand. 

To add more emotions, or to make it more emotionalize, you can regulate loudness as well as swells.

Frequency Range

All the visible frequencies are accurately represented by the frequency range. It is  a technique that necessitates an in-depth knowledge of instruments as well as a sharp ear. 

The procedure of cutting and boosting the volume for achieving the desired sound is known as EQing. 

Audio Mastering

Basically, song mastering is a process of checking the audio for the last time and giving it a final touch-up to make it ready to deliver to the world. 

Vital steps for audio mastering are explained below.

Get the most of your listening area

Mastering is a very important factor in recording audio. In this, experts notice each and every pitch and little things in the audio. 

So, to listen to the audio clearly, you need a perfect place to recognize the audio. 

Complete audio mixing

As you know, mastering is the last step of recording music. To come on it, you have to finish all the previous steps to make your audio ready to deliver it in the market. 

And if you think that you can do online mixing and mastering at the time, then you are wrong. You need to complete your song mixing first. 

Ensure the levels

Before exporting your music, you must check the level and up-down pitches of the audio. Because in audio mastering, you will get to know about the errors you had made in mixing. So, listen to the audio clearly to make your music pleasant and nice. 

Take Break

Recording audio is not a single day process, it takes a few days to make the audio ready to export. So, listening to audio for a long time, makes your ears tired. 

And tired ears are not capable of finding the mistakes. That's why, you must give a break of a single day after mastering to export the song. 

Final Analyzing

Last but not the least, you need to analyze the full song, after the break of a single day. Then if you still find any mistake, then make it correct. And if the song is perfect, then you can export it. 

Difference Between Mixing & Mastering

A lot of beginners think that these both are the same things, and it can be done at the same time. 

But it is totally different, and it can not be done at one time. You need to do mixing to master your audio. 



All the instruments are available for mixing.

Mastering has access to the final stage only. 

Its work is to balance all instruments.

Its work is to balance the entire song

Mixing has 80% of contribution in music.

It only has the remaining 20% contribution. 


In the end, if you are finding a platform for online mixing and mastering, you must contact Dash Mastering once. 

This could be your destination platform, since they are showering their peak quality services for 20 years. And you don't need to present physically there, you can modify your audio just by sitting at home. 

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