Dash mastering offers professional Analog mastering:

Our studio was designed by an acoustician and built from the ground up in order to ensure a very accurate frequency representation of your music.
Dash masters your music manually the good old traditional way using only high end Analog gear (list here). Your song is played back from a first computer then converted to analog, processed in the Analog domain before being captured to another computer in the audio format of your choice.
We master audio for Cd, Vinyl, Spotify, Apple Music (Itunes), Deezer, Youtube.

Dash Mastering offers professional Hybrid mixing services:

Dash mixes your tracks in Pro tools using a combination of plugins and Analog gear.
You can submit a reference track or make comments to ensure we’ll work in the right direction. When the mix is well advanced you will get a first mix to review and make any comments that will be taken into account in order to make your final mix.

Dash mastering mixes and masters all genres of music:
Rock, Pop, Rap, Electro, Edm, Reggae, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Country, World-Music, Hip Hop, Americana, Dance, Traditional music, Bluegrass, Funk, Disco, R&B, Fusion.

Friendly service always.

Recent Reviews


I can't believe and never dreamed my music would be brought to a level as what was given and what a received. He walked me through every step of the process never rushed me and taught me things in a way I could understand. Right after I hit the approved button I'm sending Dashmastering my next song

Dash is fantastic, he's a truly great communicator & mix/mastering engineer... someone who can understand what you want in a very short space of time -and knows exactly the right steps to get there quickly. He's constantly gone above what i asked for ...and is someone i hope to work with over and over. He has real determination and investment in his projects and i felt totally confident that he was working just as hard as he could to get the best results for me. Also, his studio/nickname is great (obviously)... you can't really go wrong! Biggups mon frere!

Great service I talked to dash like he was one of homies but professionally and it was a great experience he’s ready for diverse challenges and I’m definitely using him again frfr

This was truly an amazing transformation. I sincerely appreciate the art it took to transform my audio into this. Thank you so very much!

Very good experience, I left this short because I dont normally leave reviews.. however I was very satisfied.

Awesome and stellar communication!
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  • Friendly Service

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