What is Audio Mixing of Your Song?

The “Mix” as we call it is the Fourth step in Professional audio production and probably the one where the magic happens! After you’ve written, produced and recorded your song you need to balance every element and create excitement in order to get a great mix. Hiring a professional engineer to mix your music is one of the most beneficial things you can do in terms of improving your song and make it reach their true potential. So let’s talk about the mixing process and how Dash mastering does it.

Get in touch with a professional sound engineer as early as possible in your creative process: When I mix I use the material you give me but sometimes I hear things in the recording that could have been done better or can help you with production ideas. This is not strictly mixing per say but communicating as soon as possible on a project (starting with demos) is actually the very best way to ensure your final product will be a killer song! Experienced producers know how to create parts that build up the song but a lot of newbies are happy to get some feedback in order to enhance their song before I start mixing it. I’m glad to be part of your team in the early stages because of my experience I hear where the song can go and we can exchange about how to make that happen.

Sending your files to get your song mixed by a professional sound engineer: How to send me your tracks for better workflow and avoid extra costs and delays. I can retrieve your files from any cloud (google, onedrive …) just upload everything and send me a link.

Once I get your tracks (see guidelines about how to send them) I will meticulously listen to each of them and let you know if I hear anything wrong such as background noise, pop, clicks, weird timing, out of tune instrument and so on so that we can decide together if you want / need to rerecord a track or if we just move on with the original ones.

I will then create a Pro Tools session for your song and start mixing. I like to ask questions before I get started and if you have any reference track from another artist where you like a type of sound (for ex: the reverb on the vocals here or the sound of the snare) I will take that into account..

I try to enhance your song and make it as engaging and exciting as possible. There is no rule here it all depends on the song, the arrangement, the source and how I hear and feel it.

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